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“SafelyUnited makes my guests feel safe. Nothing is more important to my business than the health of my patrons - it's what keeps my business thriving. SafelyUnited has given my business the support to push through this crisis.”

Kara LucasBusiness Owner

“My friends and I only trust venues that are using the SafelyUnited app. My health isn't work the risk - afterall, I have a family to worry about. SafelyUnited is super easy to use and gives me the peace of mind I need to feel safe.”

Alex CohenSafelyUnited User

“SafelyUnited allows me to sleep easy at night. Not only can we better track the outbreak of infectious diseases - but we now have a source of truth to better help contain the threat. SafelyUnited gives us the tools we need to beat this thing.”

Richard YenHealthcare Official