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We don’t directly notify individuals or businesses.

SafelyUnited believes in partnering with Health Organizations to get them the information they need through our contact tracing technology.

During times like now, SafelyUnited understands the importance and roles it plays with regard to social responsibility.  We only provide information directly needed, based on specific cases only.

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How It Work For Health Organizations

Health Official’s using SafelyUnited can speed up the process of contact tracing to get ahead of the spread of COVID-19. Upon receiving access to a COVID-19 positive individual’s check-in data, the health official is able to quickly mass message anyone else who may have been exposed to the virus. This allows health officials to get ahead of the spread and provide valuable resources to at risk individuals in an easy to use web portal.

How can Health Organizations leverage SafelyUnited to expedite contact tracing for COVID-19?

  • To get started, health organizations should contact SafelyUnited to get access to the Contact Tracing portal for its employees. SafelyUnited will verify the legitimacy of the health organization and then work with them to provide all of their employees login information for the contact tracing portal.
  • When the contact tracers work with a COVID-19 patient who has used SafelyUnited, the tracer will log onto the secure contact tracing portal to search for the guest’s profile and request access to their check-in data. The guest has the option to accept or decline the tracer’s request (if perhaps the tracer requested the wrong user’s data).
  • If the guest accepts, the tracer will be emailed a list of the locations they have checked-in along with contact information for those businesses. Additionally, the contact tracer will be provided an option to mass message the other guests who may have been in contact with the COVID-19 positive individual.
  • The tracer will decide, through their health organization, if they need to continue correspondence or offer resources to the guest, the managers of each location, and any other guests who might have come in contact. The tracer will be responsible for the content of the messages sent, and every message will have the health official’s name, contact information, and the organization they are associated with attached.
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