Shop, Eat, and Play Responsibly with voluntary Guest Contact Tracing

Social gatherings have been uniquely threatened by COVID-19, but by joining SafelyUnited, you can support local companies and help reopen the economy! Voluntary Guest Contact Tracing requires just a simple text message. It’s free, and your data will never be made public or available to marketers. Even the businesses you check-in at will only have access to your first name and the last four digits of your phone number for 14 days after check-in. You won’t be badgered by any email or text. Be part of the recovery. Be SafelyUnited.

Guest Contact Tracing Check-In
Guest Contact Tracing Privacy
Your Information Stays Private

Businesses only have access to your first name and the last four digits of your phone number. Health officials are only provided with guest contact tracing info in the case of contamination.

Guest Contact Tracing Reviving Businesses
Revive Your Local Businesses

A quick text message can allow local businesses to reopen safely and allow you to enjoy your favorite local spots. Our simple to use interface makes the guest contact tracing process quick and easy!

Guest Contact Tracing Helps Stop Covid-19
Help Stop COVID-19 Today

Voluntarily check-in to stop the spread and protect your loved ones. Our goal is to foster a community where we help keep each other safe and healthy through guest contact tracing technology!

SafelyUnited Guest Contact Tracing infographic

How SafelyUnited Guest Contact Tracing Works

Guests of SafelyUnited users have multiple ways to stay safe using SafelyUnited.

Guests have the option to create an account allowing them to view their check-in history, edit their profile information, and allowing them to check-in quickly with their unique user code or the unique location code.

Alternatively, guests can use SafelyUnited without creating an account at all by simply utilizing SMS text messages.

How does contact tracing with SafelyUnited help keep guests protected from COVID-19:

  • The first step to keeping guests safe is by having them participate in the voluntary Guest Contact Tracing by checking-in using SafelyUnited either by sms text message or via web application.
  • In the case of a guest user testing positive for COVID-19, a local health official will reach out to the individual to begin guest contact tracing follow-up. The guest used SafelyUnited, and so the health official will log onto SafelyUnited’s secure and confidential Guest Contact Tracing portal to search for the guest and request access to their check-in data.
  • The guest will receive an email and sms text message notifying them that the health official is requesting access to their data. They will have the option to approve or deny the request for the Guest Contact Tracing information.
  • If the guest approves the request for their guest contact tracing information, the contact tracer will be given information of where the guest had checked into within the selected date range.
  • The health official will also be given the option to notify the other guests who checked in within a particular time range of the original COVID positive guest utilizing the SafelyUnited contact tracing portal. The health official will NOT have access to the guest contact tracing information or the full name of any of these other guests. SafelyUnited protects this information so the health official only knows how many individuals, but not who exactly they are contacting.
  • Guests notified through SafelyUnited by a health official will be provided the direct contact information of that health official along with the organization they are with so that the user can respond with any questions they may have.
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